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Our family spent a lot of time together, and we enjoyed life.  Through the years, we moved from a house to an RV to a bus and back to a house.  Through it all, we loved each other and treasured our time together.

A typical day for our family would be for everyone to wake up around 8 AM and get ready for the day.  Our favorite breakfast food was cereal.  Sometimes, we would eat breakfast together.  Many times we would just eat when we were ready.  With seven people in the  house, we usually had company!

We lived about three miles from NASA where Daddy worked.  Sometimes, Daddy would drive to work.  Sometimes, he would ride his bicycle.  He usually left the house just before 9 AM.

After we finished our breakfast, we would start our homeschool.  Mommy converted our living room into a school room complete with a marker board, desks, and wall decorations.  School usually lasted 2-3 hours a day.

After school, we would eat lunch (usually sandwiches or soup).  We were very good about helping Mommy and eating at the table.  The biggest challenge was keeping our dog, Blackie, away from the sandwiches!

After lunch, we would normally run an errand or go to the park.  Mommy tried to run errands during the day, so that we would all have more time together at night.  There were a couple of parks close to our house that we went to a lot.

We would usually eat dinner after Daddy got home from work.  Most nights, we would play silly games together. A couple of games that we played were “McDaddy’s” and “Policeman”.

McDaddy’s was a game where we would pretend to go through a drive through and place orders for “neckie necks”, “chicken wings”, “pokey pokes”, “wee wee bugs”, and “awful waffles”.  After we ordered, Daddy would tickle us and we would squeal with laughter!

Policeman was a game where Daddy would pretend to be a policeman, and we would walk in a circle around him.  Whenever we went too fast, Daddy would grab us and give us a “tickle ticket”.  Sometimes, we would purposely go too slow to get a ticket.  We all really liked this game.

After we moved into our house, Daddy built a big, four-person bunk bed for us.  Everyone helped out.  When Daddy bought the wood, Noah and John loaded it into the family Suburban.  We looked like little pros!  Everyone helped sand the bed.  We loved it!

We really enjoyed playing with Megablocks.  We had a lot of blocks.  Sometimes we would build something together, and sometimes we would build separate things.

We traveled quite a lot.  We traveled around the southeast and took one nice trip out west to see the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam.  We traveled really well.  Mommy and Daddy put a “tee tee” jug in the Suburban to reduce the number of bathroom breaks!

Every night, Mommy read to us.  We would gather around her on the couch and listen.  It was quite a sight.  Sometimes when Noah got older, he would work on a project with Daddy rather than read.

If our family had continued, we would have grown up, gone to school, started working, and had families of our own.  Daddy would have eventually retired, and Mommy and he may have gotten an RV to travel around and visit us and our families.